Full List of recipients
Having a great day Karen MIELS Acceptance
Scrabble on the Street Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
Bike Tour Betty Nottle Acceptance
Barbie and the Homeless Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Orange Anyone Ann Payne Acceptance
Home delivery Karen MIELS Acceptance
Joy Karen MIELS Acceptance
Sharing secrets Karen MIELS Acceptance
Times Up Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
The jetty is on fire Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Exhausted Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
Wandering the backstreets Karen Bilney Acceptance
RESTING Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
No Standing Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Civet Coffee Bali Penny Morgan Acceptance
Jetty Road Glenelg Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Stopping To Read Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Wet Street Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Entrance 2 Train Station (Adelaide) Jacinta Lynch Acceptance
Take my Photo Dianne Penna Acceptance
STREET PARADE Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Piggy Tails Betty Nottle Acceptance
Through the Keyhole Dianne Penna Acceptance
Zip it Up Dianne Penna Acceptance
Running of the Pigs Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Urban Harmony Sharon Swan Acceptance
Street Art Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
From Fruit to Hardware Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Bridge of Love Betty Nottle Acceptance
MALLS BALLS Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
PUBLIC TOILET Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
In the City Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Lest we forget Christine Georgiou Acceptance
STAFFORD PARK Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Street Pigs Betty Nottle Acceptance
Total Stranger Dianne Penna Acceptance
ARCADE Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Crosswalking Barb Zippel Acceptance
Downtown Maralinga Barb Zippel Acceptance
HUTT STREET Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
ADELAIDE ARCADE Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Heading Home for Christmas Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Shady Lane Barb Zippel Acceptance
Walking Down The Street Barb Zippel Acceptance