Full List of recipients
Fully Focussed Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
Just Resting Betty Nottle Acceptance
Breakfast Time Betty Nottle Acceptance
Gliding Along Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Kelp Mask on the Seashore Jan Hetherington Acceptance
Bearded Dragon Leonie Hall Acceptance
Bath Time Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Bull Elephant Striding Forward Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Rufous Owl Carol Suter Acceptance
Julian\'s garden Lisa Kurtin Acceptance
Southen Emu wren Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
Macrocarpa Karen Bilney Acceptance
Working together Karen Bilney Acceptance
Feed Time Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Lorikeet on Gum Kerri Trengove Acceptance
Wallaby Reflection Kerri Trengove Acceptance
Australian Spotted Crake Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Kea with leave snack Colin Woods Acceptance
Cuckoo Bee Penny Morgan Acceptance
Coastal Treasures Sharon Swan Acceptance
Bird Ballet Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
trio of grass wrens Allan Suter Acceptance
Night Owl Dianne Penna Acceptance
Sturt Desert Pea Barb Zippel Acceptance
Family Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Got ya Christine Georgiou Acceptance
George the dragon Lisa Kurtin Acceptance
Dawn on Corroboree Billabong Carol Suter Acceptance
A fleeting stop Karen Bilney Acceptance
Wolf in the Wild Tania Visic Acceptance
Keeping an eye out Kerri Trengove Acceptance
Bearded Dragon Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Feathered Friend Sharon Swan Acceptance
Tree Fern Ann Payne Acceptance
Female Red capped Robin Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Red Capped Robin Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Caught in the act Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Komodo Island Dragon Ross Pollock Acceptance
Red-rumped parrot Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Eternal Glow Sharon Swan Acceptance
A Pretty Place to Land Frances Feltus Acceptance
Nigella seed pod Karen MIELS Acceptance
Two of a Kind Tania Visic Acceptance
I See You Betty Nottle Acceptance
DAINTY TREE FROG Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Wattlebird Penny Morgan Acceptance
Blue Banded Bee Ann Payne Acceptance
the dart Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
Trees and Green Ann Payne Acceptance
Claws Out Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Threading the web Karen MIELS Acceptance
Pacific Gull Barb Zippel Acceptance
Bird of Paradise Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
Native Beauty Ross Pollock Acceptance
Lone Lilly Marie Clark Acceptance
Sunseeker Karen Bilney Acceptance
EMU Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Caught up the Tree Dianne Penna Acceptance
Eye on You Jan Hetherington Acceptance
SLEAPING SEALS Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Refraction Penny Morgan Acceptance
Anthurium flower Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
take off Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
Gold Bunny Karen MIELS Acceptance
Ducks on Lake Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Back Scratch Time Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Lone Tree Barb Zippel Acceptance
Anthurium Leaf Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
Wild Donkey Orchid Ross Pollock Acceptance
Rainbow Lorikeet Karen MIELS Acceptance
Dragonfly Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
CROCODILE Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
SPIDER Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
bottlebrush Chris Ramsdall Acceptance
wildflowers Chris Ramsdall Acceptance
koala bear Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
Female Wren Ian Penna Acceptance
Duck enjoying the Afternoon Sun Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Bearded Dragon Barb Zippel Acceptance
Melaleuca Flower Buds Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
DANDYLION Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
COCKIES Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Cyclamen Penny Morgan Acceptance
Honey Eater Dianne Penna Acceptance
Red Fuschia Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance