Full List of recipients
White Rose Frances Feltus Acceptance
Grand Finale Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Cockatoo Drinking Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Giraffe Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
All Aligned Leanne McArdle Acceptance
Daydreamer Carol Suter Acceptance
Last Drinks Karen MIELS Acceptance
Its wet outside Karen MIELS Acceptance
The Search Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
SHELLS Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Bull Amongst the Lillies Kerri Trengove Acceptance
Mall Liz Davis Acceptance
Granny’s Magical Mirror Penny Morgan Acceptance
Staring Through Your Window Penny Morgan Acceptance
Kingfisher in a twirl Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Candle Light Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
Forked. Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
On the Crest Ross Pollock Acceptance
Sunset Serenity: ICM Sharon Swan Acceptance
History still standing Karen Bilney Acceptance
Diamond Drops Betty Nottle Acceptance
Mr and Mrs Robin Maggie Roberts Duffy Acceptance
Are those seagulls Karen MIELS Acceptance
Welcoming the New Year Tania Visic Acceptance
In the Zone Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Bike and plane in 5he air Colin Woods Acceptance
Window Woes Penny Morgan Acceptance
Too Many Stories To Tell Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Jack Miller at Phillip Island Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Broken Hill Miner Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Spooky Tree Barb Zippel Acceptance
Old Building (Fractalius} Jacinta Lynch Acceptance
Life of a Grape Leanne McArdle Acceptance
Aged to Perfection: Woolshed Sharon Swan Acceptance
Frozen Yellow Kae Amey Acceptance
Pugalicious Catch Sharon Swan Acceptance
Peace Lisa Kurtin Acceptance
HMAS Swan Lisa Kurtin Acceptance
COMBI ON LAKES Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Red Lily Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Red Capped Robin Betty Nottle Acceptance
Click Go the Shears Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Test of Time Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Pine forest Leonie Hall Acceptance
Monkey fight in dust Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Rose Barb Zippel Acceptance
Xena Tania Visic Acceptance
Kiwi Glass Leanne McArdle Acceptance
Just cruising Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Childhood memories Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Oragami Corn Kae Amey Acceptance
Party Time Carol Suter Acceptance
THROUGH THE ARCH Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
Lamp Post Dianne Penna Acceptance
old brooms Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
old wooden cart Lynn Kelsh Acceptance
Blue Tinsel Lilies Ann Payne Acceptance
Gone Netting Trevor Morgan Acceptance
Meticulous Art Work Ian Penna Acceptance
Lone Zebra Annette Kirby MAPS PPSA Acceptance
Lots a Lines Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
A Snip in Time Sharon Swan Acceptance
Now that\'s a boat Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Feeding the Birds Dianne Penna Acceptance
Sleford Dune Mirror Image Ross Pollock Acceptance
Muted Colour Kae Amey Acceptance
BUNDY Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
WASP WITH SPIDER Lyn Keanelly Acceptance
FLOWERS ON ICE Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance
Skills of the Past Generation Julie Lovegrove Acceptance
Bit of focus admist the blur Karen MIELS Acceptance
Kids at the beach Leonie Hall Acceptance
The Growth Jeffrey Venning GMAPS EFIAP/b EPSA Acceptance
Bubbles Under Water Barb Zippel Acceptance
Headstand On Water Barb Zippel Acceptance
In My Work Shop Brian Tonkin LAPS QPSA Acceptance
woodsman Chris Ramsdall Acceptance
indian waiting Chris Ramsdall Acceptance
White on Black Poppies Leanne McArdle Acceptance
Simplicity Christine Georgiou Acceptance
Stone Age Bridge Dianne Penna Acceptance
OLD RAIL JETTY Marlene Mckechnie Acceptance